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Jessica & Tiffany (JeNy) – Like Yesterday

I miss JeNy already. Honestly, I want more JeNy! What is going on? Why are there so less JeNy interactions lately? Well, I haven’t followed up much on SoShi, maybe I’m missing out on something. Someone, please ask JeNy to go on an english interview again! That would be awesome. I can never get tired of hearing Sica’s english AND watching JeNy in action. I”m officially no longer a YulSic and TaeNy shipper. *cries* JeNy is just that powerful.

Oh wow. Watched the latest episodes of Boys Over Flowers. It was obvious Chu Ga Eul and So Yi Jung wouldn’t kiss but I wanted them too. Stupid cell-phone. If you let me lay a finger on it, I’m going to rip it apart for ruining my perfect SoEul moment.

Not only will I be missing the girls (SNSD) after their last stage, I’m already missing DBSK in Korea. I know their works seems more appreciated in Japan, but I just love them in Korea more. Douuushiteee…sigh…They need to come back soon. Ooh, Super Junior‘s “Sorry Sorry” or should I say, “Shawty Shawty”, is quite catchy. But people are saying they plagiarised “Womanizer”. Let’s hope Britney Spears don’t find out abou that and I really don’t think it sounds like “Womanizer” except for the “Sorry Sorry” part. I can’t wait for Super Junior to go on variety shows. They’re going to make me laugh again. I know it they will!


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Haha this is so cute. They’re doing a cover of SNSD‘s Gee. LOL! Oh yeah, and it’s really late but the girls won 9 awards! Awesome! Congratulations, So Nyuh Shi Dae! 9 awards, each girl gets one 😀

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SUNMI JJANG! I never get tired of hearing her voice and especially when she sings in that husky tone of hers. Haha, I don’t know but it’s so relaxing and sounds very sexy. I hope JYP would let her perform more songs in that genre. Sunmi is jjang for a reason ^^

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I love this interview a tad bit more than the previous JeNy interview. Why? Because Jessica talks a lot more in here, of course! And her voice when she speaks in English is just irresistible! Haha, and I totally love the JeNy interactions and the questions that the DJ asks. Sigh…JeNy is just love! Some highlights of the show was when they started talking about the “Sica Effect” and how whenever Jessica tries to say something funny, it’ll be followed by an awkward silence. Haha! I love it when Jessica was asking “Do you think I’m funny?” LOL the “Sica Effect” is one of her charms ^^ LOL and then their first impressions of each other. Tiffany’s explanation of her first impression of Jessica was funny!

Tiffany: Oh my gosh, American girl! Ahhhhhh! *Imitates how Jessica on their first meeting*

*Jessica bursts out laughing and hitting the desk with her hand*

LOOL! That made my day. ^^ JeNy’s awesome…Oh and Yul sure likes to pull pranks on the members. Poor Fany, she got pranked by Yul but she’s KkabYul for a reason ^^

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DBSK’s International Forum


Banner made by PinkoMax @ OneTVXQ

Woot! Finally an english forum dedicated to DBSK, gyah! I can’t wait for it to open. I’ll be stalking that place and if you’re a DBSK fan, please sign up now! Haha, I love the Jaejoong banner.

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Obviously, as you can tell from the video that there was something wrong with TaeYeon. She’s crying and she’s always avoiding the camera by closing her eyes, lowering her head and turning sideways. She’s trying not to show her tears. I read an article from Soshified.com that TaeYeon was crying and it took them 3 takes to film it. From the fan account, SooYoung was the first to notice and the girls rushed over to TaeYeon’s side to comfort her. Even Fany tried to go over to TaeYeon but HyoYeon stopped her because of her injury. Gyah..Soshi bond is jjang. TaeYeon is usually not like this so I hope she’ll be okay and continue to stay strong!

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DBSK – “Survivor”

Here you have it, DBSK’s new Japanese Music Video for “Survivor“. I personally think it’s quite catchy and OMFG..they are so hot. Yoochun, Junsu, Changmin, Yunho, and Jaejoong *cough Jenn loves you cough* LOL..please excuse the fangirl within me ^^

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