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Woah, although I’m not a big fan of Park Shin Hye (because I much prefer Moon Geun Young), she was really pretty in the MV. And she was so lucky! T-T She was filming with Jaejoong and he had his arms around her! T-T Haha..Anyway, I won’t go too crazy because I’m not like that…yet. Jaejoong was so hot when he was frustrated and hit the steering wheel, hahahah. The song is okay. I like it, but I don’t think I would get ‘addicted’ to it. Oh, I realized, after watching the video, that I don’t know how Taegoon looks like. I was paying attention to Shin Hye and Jaejoong too much, lol. Maybe I’ll do more research on him later if I feel like it. Well, he’s  good friends with Jaejoong. ^-^


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