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Radio Star – SNSD

Oh my god, Jessica is so funny in the show. I can’t stop laughing and she’s so cute! I love her blunt and cynical remarks. Only she does them best, lol. The way she said it is just epic. Sunny was so energetic and cute like always. Her aegyo is soooo cute. Tiffany and Soo Young was funny too. Tiffany didn’t talk much in this show. Seems like most of the focus was on Jessica and Sunny, but I don’t mind. JESSICA~Ice Princess ❤


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Haha this is so cute. They’re doing a cover of SNSD‘s Gee. LOL! Oh yeah, and it’s really late but the girls won 9 awards! Awesome! Congratulations, So Nyuh Shi Dae! 9 awards, each girl gets one 😀

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I love this interview a tad bit more than the previous JeNy interview. Why? Because Jessica talks a lot more in here, of course! And her voice when she speaks in English is just irresistible! Haha, and I totally love the JeNy interactions and the questions that the DJ asks. Sigh…JeNy is just love! Some highlights of the show was when they started talking about the “Sica Effect” and how whenever Jessica tries to say something funny, it’ll be followed by an awkward silence. Haha! I love it when Jessica was asking “Do you think I’m funny?” LOL the “Sica Effect” is one of her charms ^^ LOL and then their first impressions of each other. Tiffany’s explanation of her first impression of Jessica was funny!

Tiffany: Oh my gosh, American girl! Ahhhhhh! *Imitates how Jessica on their first meeting*

*Jessica bursts out laughing and hitting the desk with her hand*

LOOL! That made my day. ^^ JeNy’s awesome…Oh and Yul sure likes to pull pranks on the members. Poor Fany, she got pranked by Yul but she’s KkabYul for a reason ^^

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Obviously, as you can tell from the video that there was something wrong with TaeYeon. She’s crying and she’s always avoiding the camera by closing her eyes, lowering her head and turning sideways. She’s trying not to show her tears. I read an article from Soshified.com that TaeYeon was crying and it took them 3 takes to film it. From the fan account, SooYoung was the first to notice and the girls rushed over to TaeYeon’s side to comfort her. Even Fany tried to go over to TaeYeon but HyoYeon stopped her because of her injury. Gyah..Soshi bond is jjang. TaeYeon is usually not like this so I hope she’ll be okay and continue to stay strong!

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Whoa…Kwon Yuri (Yul) is so smexy in here! She’s always been an amazing dancer to me and I love her split at the end.

Anyway, I can’t wait until YoonA appears on Family Outing. Well, more like I can’t wait until SoshiSubs release the english subbed videos for it since I’ve seen Yoong’s Family Outing cut already, without subs. Ah, I love her dance to Hyori’s “10 Minutes”. Haha and then she went over to hug Hyori at the end, so cute!

Also enjoying Taeyeon and HyungDon’s We Got Married episodes so far. They’re much better than I thought and cute too. Poor HyungDon always get bullied by the Soshi girls when they’re on. It only makes it super cute! Haha, a taste of his own medicine! Ooh and I made a new banner, featuring my favorite Taeyeonnie❤ Haha, she’s such a dork and I love her for that!

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JeNy Star Chat

Part One

Part Two

OHMYGOSH! JeNy was on Star Chat and the interview was completely in english! Haha, oh my gosh, so much little JeNy interactions which I absolutely adore<3 I looove Jessica’s voice when she speaks english; it’s so calm and soothing. Haha, but Tiffany talked most of the time. ^^ But Jessica didn’t talk much either cause she’s usually like that, a very quiet person. Fany was so cute though haha..she would turn to Sica once in a while and ask if Sica would want to say something! SOSHIBOND! <33 Sica tried to crack a joke, but failed, rofl. The “Sica Effect”. LOL! And then I love how Fany described the soshi bond and how things just flow for them, regarding the schedule for washroom use. Haha..OH, there’s a bit of TaeNy love too. Fany mentioned “We love her very much”. She said ‘we’ but oh wells! ^^ Haha…so much JeNy nowadays; they’re making me all fangirly ^^

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