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Sorry…the title is self explanatory.If you can, please update the link. Thanks. Sigh..



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Yup, as you can tell from the title, I’m currently taking some “JeNy” addiction pills and I’ve been fed too many of the “JeNy” love pills. Haha, darn, they’re giving me a guilt-trip because I know I should be loyal to YulSic and TaeNy, but I can’t help it. Ahh..JeNy…

Also, I’m gonna do some advertisements of FungYi fanfics..LOL…MUST READ if you are a FungYi fan. Thanks 🙂

Us Against The World by Ollie


SUP2 by Jas


Storm Chasers by Jas (highly recommended, I love this fic so much ^^ so you should read it too *rawrz*)


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Happy Chinese/Korean/Vietnamese New Year 🙂 And I was bored so made some more banners. Includes some of my favorites, Tavia, Bernice, Selena, Raymond and FungYi ^-^

I personally like the Selena banner most! Hehe ^.^ And the FungYi banner is quite old..I think I made it some time ago, can’t remember but I know it’s old 🙂 If you plan to use, please don’t hotlink T-T

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I was really bored so I tried to make some FungYi banners but then..I got sidetracked. And, I gave up after making the first one, lol. Man, I seriously think my FungYi addiction will fade if they don’t give me a FungYi reunion T-T

Meanwhile…I’m going to head back to try and nail down SNSD’sGee” dance….

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