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Before I ramble on about SoEulmates..I wanted to say:



Yup, thank-you ^^

So, anyway, I’m watching the Korean drama – Boys Before Flowers – and it’s probably safe to say that my new girl crush is Kim So Eun. Hehehe, she did a pretty good job of Jandi’s friend, Chu Ga Eul and I absolutely love her chemistry with Kim Bum’s So Yi Jung. Even though they’re not the main leads and don’t have a lot of scenes, I love all their small interactions and glances; it was so cute! Not to mention, appearance-wise, they really match! I can’t wait to watch the scene where Ga Eul has a boy-friend, but he dumps her cause it would mean more Yi Jung-Ga Eul scenes. I know, that’s a mean wish T-T But SoEulmates for the win! ^^ Too bad So Eun and Kim Bum can’t lead their own drama and the chances of them pair up again after Boys Before Flowers is very slim too T-T Boo, that’s the thing about Korean ent. T-T


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Hehe, I like this song! 🙂 Oh my gosh, I didn’t know Han Chae Young was in it, sort of. Haha, I wasn’t really paying attention much to the news for this series, lol. She’s so gorgeous! So far, the drama is okay, but it must be some sort of Hana Yori Dango effect for me. Once again, I do not like the main lead. Aish…First, it was Meteor Garden which I stopped halfway and then Japanese version (I stopped watching that one halfway too). I guess the main lead is still tolerable. Initially, I was watching this for Goo Hye Sun, however, that’s all changed now because one person has caught my eyes! KIM BUM! He is sooooooo adorably cute, cute, and cute! Hehe…Anyway, the first two episodes is enjoyable though. The main lead still kind of annoys me and it’s not only the actor, but also the character. I really dislike those kind of jerky guys, lol. Hopefully, it will change. I haven’t watched the other two versions until the end and I hope I don’t stop halfway for this version. I’m pretty sure I won’t though because Kim Bum is in it! I wish there was more Kim Bum screen time, even though I know he’s not the main lead. *sighs* I’ve seen him in Wonder Girl’s So Hee’s “I Like It Hot” trailer, but I just skipped it and didn’t have much interests. This post turned into a spazz post about Kim Bum! LOL.

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