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Jessica & Tiffany (JeNy) – Like Yesterday

I miss JeNy already. Honestly, I want more JeNy! What is going on? Why are there so less JeNy interactions lately? Well, I haven’t followed up much on SoShi, maybe I’m missing out on something. Someone, please ask JeNy to go on an english interview again! That would be awesome. I can never get tired of hearing Sica’s english AND watching JeNy in action. I”m officially no longer a YulSic and TaeNy shipper. *cries* JeNy is just that powerful.

Oh wow. Watched the latest episodes of Boys Over Flowers. It was obvious Chu Ga Eul and So Yi Jung wouldn’t kiss but I wanted them too. Stupid cell-phone. If you let me lay a finger on it, I’m going to rip it apart for ruining my perfect SoEul moment.

Not only will I be missing the girls (SNSD) after their last stage, I’m already missing DBSK in Korea. I know their works seems more appreciated in Japan, but I just love them in Korea more. Douuushiteee…sigh…They need to come back soon. Ooh, Super Junior‘s “Sorry Sorry” or should I say, “Shawty Shawty”, is quite catchy. But people are saying they plagiarised “Womanizer”. Let’s hope Britney Spears don’t find out abou that and I really don’t think it sounds like “Womanizer” except for the “Sorry Sorry” part. I can’t wait for Super Junior to go on variety shows. They’re going to make me laugh again. I know it they will!


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DBSK’s International Forum


Banner made by PinkoMax @ OneTVXQ

Woot! Finally an english forum dedicated to DBSK, gyah! I can’t wait for it to open. I’ll be stalking that place and if you’re a DBSK fan, please sign up now! Haha, I love the Jaejoong banner.

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DBSK – “Survivor”

Here you have it, DBSK’s new Japanese Music Video for “Survivor“. I personally think it’s quite catchy and OMFG..they are so hot. Yoochun, Junsu, Changmin, Yunho, and Jaejoong *cough Jenn loves you cough* LOL..please excuse the fangirl within me ^^

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Love In The Ice

Gosh, I got addicted to Love In The Ice once again. I think it was just a few days ago that I was listening to Wrong Number, but now it’s Love In The Ice. Lols…

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