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Obviously, as you can tell from the video that there was something wrong with TaeYeon. She’s crying and she’s always avoiding the camera by closing her eyes, lowering her head and turning sideways. She’s trying not to show her tears. I read an article from Soshified.com that TaeYeon was crying and it took them 3 takes to film it. From the fan account, SooYoung was the first to notice and the girls rushed over to TaeYeon’s side to comfort her. Even Fany tried to go over to TaeYeon but HyoYeon stopped her because of her injury. Gyah..Soshi bond is jjang. TaeYeon is usually not like this so I hope she’ll be okay and continue to stay strong!


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Whoa…Kwon Yuri (Yul) is so smexy in here! She’s always been an amazing dancer to me and I love her split at the end.

Anyway, I can’t wait until YoonA appears on Family Outing. Well, more like I can’t wait until SoshiSubs release the english subbed videos for it since I’ve seen Yoong’s Family Outing cut already, without subs. Ah, I love her dance to Hyori’s “10 Minutes”. Haha and then she went over to hug Hyori at the end, so cute!

Also enjoying Taeyeon and HyungDon’s We Got Married episodes so far. They’re much better than I thought and cute too. Poor HyungDon always get bullied by the Soshi girls when they’re on. It only makes it super cute! Haha, a taste of his own medicine! Ooh and I made a new banner, featuring my favorite Taeyeonnie❤ Haha, she’s such a dork and I love her for that!

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