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Yeah…as you can see from the title..I am/was bored so I made two FungYi manipulations. Haven’t done much FungYi stuff, well, compare to before anyway. Annd..I guess I was really FungYi deprived. Oh and I only resorted to making FungYi manipulations because viikii wouldn’t let me watch episode 10 of Boys Before Flowers. T_T

They look really weird >.< I haven’t really done a lot of manipulations so it looks really, really strange.


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Before I ramble on about SoEulmates..I wanted to say:



Yup, thank-you ^^

So, anyway, I’m watching the Korean drama – Boys Before Flowers – and it’s probably safe to say that my new girl crush is Kim So Eun. Hehehe, she did a pretty good job of Jandi’s friend, Chu Ga Eul and I absolutely love her chemistry with Kim Bum’s So Yi Jung. Even though they’re not the main leads and don’t have a lot of scenes, I love all their small interactions and glances; it was so cute! Not to mention, appearance-wise, they really match! I can’t wait to watch the scene where Ga Eul has a boy-friend, but he dumps her cause it would mean more Yi Jung-Ga Eul scenes. I know, that’s a mean wish T-T But SoEulmates for the win! ^^ Too bad So Eun and Kim Bum can’t lead their own drama and the chances of them pair up again after Boys Before Flowers is very slim too T-T Boo, that’s the thing about Korean ent. T-T

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Yup, as you can tell from the title, I’m currently taking some “JeNy” addiction pills and I’ve been fed too many of the “JeNy” love pills. Haha, darn, they’re giving me a guilt-trip because I know I should be loyal to YulSic and TaeNy, but I can’t help it. Ahh..JeNy…

Also, I’m gonna do some advertisements of FungYi fanfics..LOL…MUST READ if you are a FungYi fan. Thanks 🙂

Us Against The World by Ollie


SUP2 by Jas


Storm Chasers by Jas (highly recommended, I love this fic so much ^^ so you should read it too *rawrz*)


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Happy Chinese/Korean/Vietnamese New Year 🙂 And I was bored so made some more banners. Includes some of my favorites, Tavia, Bernice, Selena, Raymond and FungYi ^-^

I personally like the Selena banner most! Hehe ^.^ And the FungYi banner is quite old..I think I made it some time ago, can’t remember but I know it’s old 🙂 If you plan to use, please don’t hotlink T-T

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I was really bored so I tried to make some FungYi banners but then..I got sidetracked. And, I gave up after making the first one, lol. Man, I seriously think my FungYi addiction will fade if they don’t give me a FungYi reunion T-T

Meanwhile…I’m going to head back to try and nail down SNSD’sGee” dance….

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